Introducing Stratosphere, the pinnacle of water conditioning with cutting-edge technology, featuring Catalytic Carbon and 16% Resin for unparalleled water quality.


Catalytic Carbon Excellence: Our Catalytic Carbon boasts a chemically modified surface, elevating its catalytic capabilities to new heights. This unique feature allows it to effectively remove chloramine, the most commonly used disinfectant in drinking water. Why worry about chloramines in your water supply?

Dangers of Chloramines:

  • Conversion of free chlorine to chloramines can release lead deposits into household plumbing.
  • In children, it may lead to behavior and learning problems, slowed growth, and anemia.
  • In adults, it has been linked to skin rashes, breathing problems, and, in rare cases, ingestion of lead can cause seizures and even death.

Why Choose 16% Resin: Stratosphere utilizes 16% resin, setting a benchmark in the water softener industry. Despite its premium cost, this resin proves highly cost-effective due to its exceptional performance in the water softening process. The water quality produced by this media surpasses standard resin by tenfold.

Advantages of 16% Resin:

  • Highly effective chemical and mineral removal.
  • Unmatched salt efficiency.
  • Economical water use for consistent high-quality output.

Principal Applications:

  • Residential softening for pristine home water.
  • Industrial softening for optimal machinery performance.
  • Food and beverage processing to ensure purity.
  • Demineralization for a wide range of applications.


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