odiseaOdyssey stands out as the most comprehensive whole-house water conditioner. Odyssey units incorporate multimedia that allows them to address a wide range of elements, from natural and artificial chemicals to heavy metals, including substances like chlorine and chloramine, recognized as extremely harmful agents.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that chlorine and chloramine byproducts in water can act as human carcinogens, potential triggers for cancer.

The Odyssey unit is equipped with the most advanced technology in control valves for water conditioners. Operating with potassium, a prominent source of fertilizer for plants or lawns, this system eliminates sodium and provides pure, softened water free of harmful chemicals. In addition to protecting pipes and older appliances from rust and buildup, the Odyssey system ensures spotless dishes and utensils. Implementing whole-home softened water can significantly reduce spending on cleaning products by up to 75%, generating monthly savings of up to $150.00 and promoting eco-friendly practices.

In summary, the Odyssey system provides notable benefits, from cleaner and shinier dishes, glassware, mirrors, tiles, cars, or plumbing fixtures to softer skin and cleaner hair. Additionally, it facilitates cleaning and reduces household chores by decreasing soap buildup. Moreover, using less soap and shampoo due to the rich lather produced by softened water and soap results in softer clothes, preserving the lifespan of appliances and saving money on monthly energy costs.


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