Antares Pro

antares pro
Discover Antares PRO, our revolutionary 8-Stage Alkaline Water System designed to elevate your hydration experience to unparalleled levels!


Key Features:

  1. 5-Micron PP Sediment: Say goodbye to suspended particles and colloids larger than 5 microns. Your water is now cleaner than ever with polypropylene material, recommended to change every 6 months!
  2. Granular Activated Carbon: Eliminate chlorine and organic molecules, protecting the R.O membrane from oxidants. Activated carbon material ensures lasting purity. Change it and renew every 9 months!
  3. Quick Change 100GPD R.O Membrane: Filter hole sizes ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 nanometers remove colloids, microbiological contaminants, organic molecules, salts, and viruses. Experience absolute pure water with a thin film composite, recommended to change every 24-36 months!
  4. Alkaline Filter: Experience a unique freshness in your water and elevate the pH up to 10 with Corosex material. Transform your hydration and change it every 12 months!
  5. T33 Granular Activated Carbon: Fresh taste always. Remove organic solids, colors, and odors with coconut shell activated carbon. Keep your water delicious, change it every 12 months!
  6. Mineral: Supplement your body with essential minerals! Raise the pH, neutralize excess acids, and improve health. Feel the difference and change it every 12 months!
  7. Far Infrared: Emit far infrared rays to activate water and facilitate absorption into the blood. Bio ceramic ball material for a unique hydration experience. Change it and revitalize every 9 months!
  8. Nano Silver: Eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and prevent intrusions in the water. Coconut Activated Carbon covered by Nano Silver for complete protection. Keep your water safe and change it every 12 months!


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